New Teacher Retreat

All New Teachers and current administrators are invited to the NTR August 15th & 16th in Great Falls.  Details:

Who: New Teachers & Administrators

When: Retreat starts at 10 am on Monday, August 15th, and continues until 2 pm on Tuesday, August 16th.  (the retreat will conclude at 10 am on Tuesday for administrators)

Where: Ursuline Centre, Great Falls

What: Doug Tooke will direct the retreat and will include free meals and Mass with Bishop Warfel

Other Details: Schools should submit their rosters and lodging needs (Ursuline Center rooms at $36 per night, hotels at $100 per night).  No cost for the retreat or meals.

“Best of the Spring” May 23rd Newsletter

Here is the link to the newsletter.

This marks the final and 36th issue of MCSW (this year).  I have included links to the 3 most popular issues as well as the most popular link from each issue.  I have also included articles for this week.  My top 5:

  1. What could go wrong when a one ton animal is brought in to an athletic field to poop? Yes, folks, Cow Pie Bingo is a real thing and there’s a story in the American Catholic news section about what can go wrong.
  2. Near the end of the same section there’s a story about how the Archdiocese of Chicago is going to offer 12 weeks of paid family leave. Pair that story with the video in the Miscellaneous  section (“32 hour workweek”) to reflect on the way we structure work.  (Please note—there’s an “F bomb” in the video)
  3. The Q & A from the Department of Labor about the new overtime rules is worth your time. You can find that in the Leadership section.
  4. “14 Questions to Ask Yourself about the Lesson Plan” in the Teaching & Learning section is a great resource for the summer as teachers take a look at revising lessons.
  5. “Resisting self-comparison and fighting cynicism” in the Miscellaneous section is the greatest commencement address I’ve ever read.

Going Deeper?

Here is the link to the newsletter.  My top 5 articles:

  1. “Catholic School Won’t Fire Transgender Teacher” is a significant story, especially if you read the response from Archbishop Cordileone, who last year was a lightning rod for criticism. His response may prove to be the model for other Catholic schools.
  2. “Embracing Agile” in the Leadership section is a great article about management styles which haven’t been widely understood or embraced in schools.
  3. I challenge you to read the “Employee Engagement” article (the first in the Teaching & Learning section) and replace “employee” with “student.” It’s the same phenomenon—how companies struggle to engage employees is the same struggle that schools undergo trying to get their students engaged.
  4. In that same section, there’s an article about research showing that one-to-one computing programs have been successful.
  5. In the Miscellaneous section there is a great article about discipline with poor students. It’s worth your time to consider whether we’re considering a student’s background when issuing consequences.