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Catholic School Matters

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The latest issue of “Catholic Schools Matters” (the weekly newsletter) can be found here.

  1. The “For Principals” section has a number of great resources for teachers and principals as well as news about upcoming events.
  2. “Catholic Schools for Native Americans” in the Montana Catholic Schools news section is a great article highlighting the history and great work by our reservation schools such as St. Labre.
  3. “The City Needs Every Good School” is an editorial by the New York Post which explores the charter/Catholic dynamic and the need for good schools for all students.
  4. “The Disease of Being Busy” in the miscellaneous section is a great reflection on how we structure our daily lives.
  5. The final article on US Volleyball and its feedback process is fascinating. What if we all decided to engage in this kind of feedback in our classrooms and schools?

Next week, I’ll focus on Back to School issues.  Have a great week!